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Golly! Look at that face! This was on THE day! Taken as we left the house. If you look carefully, off to the right of the picture you can see Eric grinning his head off! Oh my. I am a little bit nervous, don't you think?

This is my sweetie putting out the sign that announces that the wedding was taking place here. The day was so lovely. Not too hot, nor too cold.

I do think my marriage to Eric Matthias Ferguson is one of the best things that has happened to me. Just look at him! Even on his way to the chapel, he was calm, cool, and collected. And this was at 12pm. The start of the wedding! La la lalala. By the way, he's coming back from the privy!

Speaking of privys, here is our friend Kali, by the privy! She is giving it a toast...I think. :-)!
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More pictures to come as I get them in. :-)!