Eric and Hellen's Wed Page
(Or Hellen Has a Man!!!!!)

Coming up November 11th, 2000 -12:00 noon at Murphy's Landing, Shakopee, MN

Hello, and welcome to the official page of information and updates on the wedding of Eric Ferguson and Hellen Kriesel. Neat isn't it? Since this is a different wedding and we wish to have a potluck for the reception, (instead of the traditional catered affair) we would like to have a list of everything that is going to be brought so far so that their is not a lot of one item and few of another (i.e. 40 bags of potato chips!! Hee!).

Here are the things we need:

Click Here to find out what's already being brought.
You do not need to RSVP, but if you would please let us know what you will be bringing that would be great!(Haggis, anyone? Mmmm!)

Directions: Murphy's Landing is located on Highway 101 east of Shakopee. Guests should enter at the west gate (the one closest to Shakopee) Signs will be out the day of the wedding. If you need further directions please call or e-mail Eric at (612)726-6364, or Hellen.

Feel free to be as historically accurate as possible (i.e. bowls, eating utensils, ect.) We will have an abundance of plastic plates and cutlery though! We want all to have a wonderful time! Can you believe it's getting closer?!

Food information! (thank you everyone!)
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