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Go here for some delicious pottery and wonderful historical reproductions! Jay and Tracy can do almost anything!

Go here to see my musket goodies!

(2006) Musketeers at Augsburg Park for Clann Tartan's annual Airing of the Tartans. Left to right: Doug, Bruce, Eric, and Jaimie.

Eric and I at Macalester College's MacFair, 2003.

Erics last stand as captain of Clann Tartan. In Winona, MN 2002

This is Eric's last hurrah as Captain of Clann Tartan. This was taken on Sunday, at tha Big Muddy River Rendezvous, in Winona, Minnesota. Left to right is: David Vavreck, drummer; Jay Henderson, musketeer (peeking over Eric's shoulder); Eric Ferguson, Captain; Rudy Borrmann, captive (he was under arrest); Marty Byers, Head Campfollower (extraorindaire); and Rob Portinga, our Corporal of Pike and Polearms. (2002)

Our little collection of fun, working, 17th century reenactors things. The flag I made for Eric, his bandolier of charges-for the matchlock musket-my leather latchet shoes, a pewter goblet, and my matchlock musket.
This is Eric's Captains flag, my Matchlock musket, Eric's bandolier, my Latchet shoes and my pewter goblet. Just a few fun things. I was goofing off around the house! Hee!

This is a picture of me, sitting on a wooden trunk at a Rendezvous event in Winona, Minnesota. I am in my 17th century soldiers uniform consisting of a Blue bonnet (sort of looks like a beret), Grey coat, plaid britches, wool socks and latchet shoes.
This is me. This was taken at The Big Muddy River Rendezvous (2000) in Winona. I like being with the group Clann Tartan. It's a very wonderful experience. A big thank you goes out to the wonderful person who took this picture, as it was the first one of me in costume.

Here I am fixing one of Clann Tartan's bandoliers. A bandolier consists of a leather belt that hangs on your left shoulder, goes across your chest, and has a bag that hangs by your right hand. It then has twelve to fourteen little wooden bottles attatched to it that were used to hold a measured charge of blackpowder for the matchlock musket. Keeping the eqipment in good condition is very important, and it is one of my duties within the group.
Here I am at the Big Muddy River Rendezvous again in October 2001! I love that show. It's where I met my sweetie, and also where I developed my love of 17th Century history. I am fixing one of the groups' bandoliers. It always seems like I am forever fixing stuff. Of course, that's one of my many duties while at events, plus it gives me a very good working knowledge of the muskets and equipment. It also keeps me out of mischief! Heheehee!! This picture was taken by my sweetie.

this is a picture of me, my friend Jay, and my other friend Cory. We were demonstrating the Matchock musket drill. In this picture we'd just finished firing and you can see the puffs of smoke coming from the muzzle and slightly drifting off into the wind. That was a great day! All three muskets went off!
Oh whee! This is a great picture taken by Chelle at Big Island Rendezvous, October 2001. Left to right is me, Jay, and Cory. Don't we look neat? Wow! This is the only picture I have of me shooting my Matchlock, and it is a grand one!

Oh my. Here is my treasured Musket and it's goodies. By the way, the leather accoutrements; the bandolier belt and pouch, and the leather snapsack/poke, were all made by my Dad. He does marvelous work, and although I made my own bandolier belt, it didn't turn out that good. The bandolier bottles-also known as 'apostles', were made by my good friends, Jay and Tracy Henderson Garland. They have a wonderful website. You can visit them at: J Henderson Artifacts.

Oh my! Here is a beautiful painting called "Soldiers Arming Themselves", by Jacob Duck. I have seen the real painting-it's at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. They have lots of neat 17th Century things on the 3rd floor :-) Hee! Some info on this painting can be found here.
Information on the Minneapolis Institute of Arts can be found by going here.

I will be putting up some interesting links and other info as well as soon as I get the time. Meanwhile, if you are wishing a good read and are interested in the firearms of the 17th century and before, try out these.......

If you, like me, just cannot get enough of the old, old Black Powder weapons, (Handgonne, Wheellock, Matchlock, and early flintlock) You may want to check out my friend Teleoceras's Black Powder Page. It is very neat, with pictures of the afore mentioned guns. There's also some Percussion guns there too. Gee, he has it all! :-)!

If you are so inclined, please stop by the site of Clann Tartan. It is a Living History/Reenactment group based in the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis, MN. They portray almost every aspect of life in a military recruiting camp of the 17th century.

Bandoliers for Musketeers- This is an awesome site! Has a lot of goodies for the 17th century soldier.

A site of interest to the Celtic minded, is the site of my sweetie. It has some wonderful info on reenacting, some historical plays, humorous sketches, and other links of interest. It's called A Strand of the Celtic Fringe.



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