Llensha Stables-Breyer SM G2 WB collection :-)

Bay/Chestnut w/two socks
from JCPenny 2005 Parade of Breeds set

#5401 Chestnut
from Flicka Stablemates Set

SR Glossy Bay
from QVC's Silver Cup Series 1

SR Glossy Grey Pinto
from QVC's Silver Cup Series 2

JAH Black Pinto SR
from set that came out in 1998

#5607 Bay Warmblood

#5904 Dark Chestnut Appaloosa 

#5210 Bay
from Junior Rider and English Saddle Set
included silver cup, girl rider, tack, and ribbon

SR JAH Glossy Grulla
from Double Exposure set
included a Traditional Big Ben in the same color

#701774 SR Fleabit Grey
from Horses of the World set sold in TJ Maxx stores

Mini Cryptic
from 2006 Spooky SM Collection 2
(mini versions of Breyer's Trad. Halloween horses)

#5204 Dapple Grey
from English Rider and Saddle Set 

Miniature Connoisseur Collection
Mini Apropos - Appaloosa Sporthorse

#720599 Target SR DARK Bay
with wide blaze & two hind socks
came with a light dun foal 

SR Pearlescent keychain from BreyerFest 2000  

 #720032 Target Flower Barn Dapple Dun
Very neat metalicy color
Included Yellow Barn, 3 flower pots
yellow fencing, white rabbit and a little girl

#750010 SR Palomino from the
Walmart Flicka in the Wild set  

#59197 Bay Pinto from
Little Red Stable set

#50076 Red Roan Pinto
From Stallion and Foal set 

JCP 2004 Parade of Breeds Appaloosa

UNPAINTED! But primered?
From Breyer Tour Stop
Hudson WI, sponsered by
Horsin' Around 

Porcelain BF 2002
Dapple Rose Dun with four socks
Only 200 made
I'm a HAPPY girl!
Shown with an unpainted WB
He's just so little :-)!  

Pic of # 5502 Jumping to Conclusions
Pinto WB from Saddle Club set 

Lovely Palomino WB from Play Mat set

#700703 Unpainted from the 2003
Holiday Ornament Crat Kit
also included is the G2 Trotting Foal
and G2 Morgan
FOUND at H & H Winner's Circle
(HAD to put in a plug! Thanks guys!)


2008 JCP Parade of Breeds Hanovarian
Dark Bay, with 2 stockings
and a small heart-shaped blaze

2008 JCPenney Silvery Grey
with Pink & Blue Truck
and Girl rider with English Tack

2008 Velvet Rope Event
Black basecoat (primered)
Thanks Dorothy!
Pardon the wet spots :-D HEE!
I had JUST given him a bath!

#720224 2009 Pony Gals 'Hanoverian'
dappled greyish-brown w/ darker points
and right rear sock
from Target
VERY cool!

#701003 Bay with 4 white socks
Looks to be like the #5207
in a package with an English saddle and bridle
and girl rider

Breyerfest 20th Anniversary Stablemate Set
Mini version of the 1999 Celebration horse Molokai
Bay with star blaze
Limited run of 500
#720229 2009 Pony Gals Princess Kayla Fantasy Adventure
Pearly pink w/gold hooves
comes with G2 Arabian-pearly blue
with gold hooves & detachable wings
Queen figurine, Princess Kayla, heraldic sign & treasure chest
From Target
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