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Whee! I will be adding a bunch of neat Model Horsie links and info as I find them.

LOOKATME! heehee THIS is one heck of a great site! I designed my own horsey! :D Got to put tack on him, and all that neat stuff! You MUST go here! It's tons o' fun, and you can 'print screen' and save your horsey! *woot* And then share with others! Thanks go to TwinOakArabians on MHB for sharing the link. I put it here for future reference. YEEHAW!

This is the site of the Breyer Model Horse Company. Hey, these are the folks who started this obsession! Hee! And aren't I glad! PS Apparently the new Breyer site utilises newer site tech stuff, and requires the use of the newest browsers, such as Netscape 7.2, I.E. 6, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and AOL.

Whoohoo! Model Horse Blab! This Board is a good place to shoot the breeze aout everything model related, as well as off topic posting too! Very well done, Heather and the rest of the moderators do a good job.

Whoohoo! The Equine Resin Directory Oh, this site is good. It helps you search for resins by name, sculptor, painter, or owner, or breed, coat color, and size. It lets you SEE the resin and what it looks like, so if you read about it and wonder what it looks like, you just look it up! VERY handy site. Please visit this resource for owners, buyers and sellers of Breyer Connoisseur models. It will aid in the finding of your horse if lost or stolen. This is a Yahoo group. Wah Hahahahahah! Yes, the Model Horse Sales Pages, a splendid place to find all things model horse related. Buy, sell, and trade with some of the best prices, and lovely customs out there! A grand resource.! New Auction site for models! My Auction Barn!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

Ebay-Horse Woah! Hahahahaha! More horses & horse items on auction than you can shake a stick at!

NAMHSA The web site of NAN, the North American Model Horse Shows Association. Here's where to look for Show information, how to get ahold of your NAN officers, where you are in the scheme of NAN (I'm in Region 4, BTW), how to host a NAN qualification show (MUST get more cards HEE), and lots lots more.

Artists The website of Karen Y Gerhardt- Westerly Ceramics. Sculptor, painter, custom glazer, maker of dreams........... Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Boreas, Optime, Caprice......... Oh my! Karen has a BLOG now! Go HERE to looky! The website of Lisa Bickford, Painter The website of Sarah Rose. Sculptor AND painter. The Website of Chris Jolly. Sculptor AND painter. The Website of Candace Liddy. Sculptor AND painter. The Website of D'Arry Jone Frank. Sculptor AND painter. The Website of Jennifer Danza. Brilliant pastel atrist. Her paintjobs are to lust for! Sculptor as well! The Website of Becky Yeager-Tackmaker for SM, LB and MM scale horses. Also makes jumps! WOO! Her books are closed right now, although she sometime has ready made items on MH$P and Ebay. The Website of Lauren Wood at Full Moon Farms. Maker of SM, LB, CL, and Traditional sized Tack and props.EEEEEEE Her Books are closed too.


Hobby Supplies MMmmmmmmmm Rio Rondo. Mmmmmmm. The BEST for Tack Making supplies and hobby books. The home of Carol Williams' resins as well! The Home of Elaine Sulser. Some of the best Castings, saddlery, and hardware supplies out there.Plus, English stirrups in Sizes Traditional to Stablemate (!), and Jump Cups! WOO! (My advice? Stick with these two, Rio Rondo and Sulser Saddlry, for all your tack AND prop making hardware. You can't go wrong.)

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