This was a very interesting project. I was handed this horse shaped piece of yellow paper from a friend of mine. The idea behind it was that her workplace was having a paper horse race, one of those workplace morale and teamwork building excerises. The horsey-shaped piece of paper needed to be decorated in any way possible, with the result that the little paper horse would be hung on the wall in the office.
Anyway, she asked me to design it, and I of course, said yes. I love horses you see, and I couldn't pass it up. To get around the yellow color, at first I tried to make a new one, this time by cutting it out in black paper. I realised that some details would be lost so I went back to the yellow one, and decided to use that color as the base. The natural choice was to go with buckskin, as it had a yellow base and all I had to do is add brown and black. I used my knowledge of horses as well as a few anatomy books to get the shading to where it looked somewhat realistic. Then I decided to make it into a ring jouster's horse, as in the Quintain horses that I had seen at the Renaissance Festival.
The tack and accoutrements I made out of different colored construction paper and glued and shaped to fit. Then the whole thing was laminated.
The project was successful, as he was the hit of my friend's workplace, as I was told. :-) He won a prize too!
Crayon and construction paper on a yellow paper base.

All work done by me, Hellen J. Ferguson, unless noted otherwise. If you have any questions, wish to use specific artwork, or just general comments, please feel free to email me

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