Ensign design for the Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company's 2002 production of "Patience". Acrylic on red jean-type cloth.

When I was asked to come up with the design, I did some research, on the Internet, and in books, on what sorts of designs were around at that time. Since it was written around the late 1800's, I felt it had to sort of "mix" design styles a bit. Since I couldn't actually find evidence of a 35th Dragoon Guard regiment out there (there probably was one, I just couldn't locate it at the time)-and I didn't want to copy any other designs-I just took a few elements that kept on cropping up from the ensign crests, flags and logos of that time, and came up with a design that was very fitting. Add to the fact that the red fabric and the gold trim and acrylic paint which I had purchased just for the occasion actually matched the costumes used for the show.........nevertheless, I was very pleased with how this project came out.

All work done by me, Hellen J. Ferguson, unless noted otherwise. Copyright 2002. If you have any questions, wish to use specific artwork, or just general comments, please feel free to email me

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